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Summary of your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Fair Credit Reporting Act Facts For Consumers (KNOW YOUR RIGHTS)!!!


Fair Credit Reporting Act Adverse Action Procedures

What is an Education Verification?
Education Verification:
The academic institution is contacted for verification of the highest degree obtained or verification of the most significant academic event reported by the applicant, unless otherwise specified by the client "Accreditation" is a process of external quality review used by higher education to scrutinize colleges, universities and educational programs for quality assurance and quality improvement. In the United States, accreditation is carried out by private, non-profit organizations designed for this specific purpose. Institutions and educational programs seek accredited status as a means of demonstrating their academic quality to students and the public and to become eligible for federal funds. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation database contains contact information for over 7,000 degree-granting and non-degree granting institutions and over 17,000 programs accredited by United States accrediting organizations that have been recognized either by CHEA or by the United States Department of Education (USDE) or both. Our report includes the degree or credential received, dates the applicant attended school, major or area of study, GPA is available, person and department contacted along with phone number, and any discrepancies. Some academic institutions charge a fee to access their records. For your convenience, we will itemize any additional fees, per applicant, on your invoice.

What is in an Employment Credit Report?
Employment Credit Reports:
A credit report reveals a persons credit history, including paying habits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, as well as previous addresses, prior employment, any variations in their Social Security Number, and any possible aliases used. A credit report is useful in determining financial responsibility, money management, and the possibility of wage garnishment by state or federal tax authorities. For employment purposes only, accessing an applicant's credit record will not reflect on their credit report inquiries and will not affect their risk score. A significant number of employers now review credit reports on their potential employees. If you are hiring someone with any financial responsibility, you should consider obtaining an employment credit report.

What is an Eviction Record Report?
Eviction Record Reports:
The Eviction Records search accesses information on potential residents or tenants that have been legally evicted from other properties. Eviction Records may include eviction, possession, and monetary judgments. Eviction Records are not available in all States. Please call for details regarding which States are available to search for Eviction Records. This is a great secondary search when you are having a difficult time finding financial history for an applicant. This product searches millions of public records ranging from eviction filings to civil suits.

What is in a Federal Criminal Records Search?
Federal Search:
This search is of federal district court repositories for criminal conviction information. Criminal felony and misdemeanor cases involving federal law are filed with the U.S. District Courts. Examples of federal criminal cases may include bank robbery, embezzlement and tax evasion. Response may include defendant, case number, file date, charges and disposition or current status. This is an important search to conduct. The reason this search is so important is because the federal government and each state government has its own sovereignty. Therefore, they each have their own criminal record repository. You could check a person's state and/or county criminal history and not find any record of a federal crime, when in fact a person has been convicted and potentially served time in federal prison. In accordance with the Consumer Reporting Employment Clarification Act of 1998 we will not be able to provide certain information to our clients to be in compliance with 605(a)(5). The following is a summary of services that have been restricted from dissemination:
• (A) Civil suits, civil judgments, records of arrest, paid tax liens, bad debts and any other adverse item of information, except criminal convictions may only be reported for seven (7) years, ten (10) years for bankruptcy.
• (B) "Records of convictions of crimes" are exempted from the seven (7) year rule. Consumer reports on individuals expected to earn more than $75,000.00 per year continue to be exempt from all the time limitations.

What is in a International Records Search?
International Search:
We utilize worldwide court researchers, government contacts and private agencies when conducting International Criminal Record searches. Fact on Demand, Inc. is able to provide exceptionally quick background screening services throughout the world. The International Criminal Records search will report crimes and offenses comparable to felonies in the United States. When available, the International Criminal Records search will report less serious offenses as well. Turnaround times and availability of records vary greatly with International Criminal Record searches. Please call for details.

What is in a Driver Records Check?
Companies with employees that operate a motor vehicle for business purposes can reduce risk and keep operating costs low by using Motor Vehicle Records when screening prospective employees. By identifying high risk drivers, Motor Vehicle Records can help your clients improve safety and reduce liability and insurance expenses. In addition to pre–employment screening, industries can use these records for underwriting and rating of personal and commercial automobile insurance. The Motor Vehicle Reports provide the candidate’s driving history for a selected period of time for speeding, chargeable accidents, DUI offenses, suspension or revocations and accumulations of points.

What is a Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Search?
A search of The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) contains the names of foreign nationals whom the United States government currently has sanctions against. Persons on this list include known terrorists and narcotic traffickers.

What is a Office of Inspector General/Healthcare Sanctions Search?
Office of Inspector General/Healthcare Sanctions:
Useful in determining if a person has been excluded from participation in the Medicare, Medicaid and all Federal health care programs. This also includes a search to determine if an individual or entity in the healthcare field (physicians, PA's, nurses and other allied health care professionals) have had disciplinary action taken against them. Covers over 50 different types of healthcare professionals and entities and includes all 50 states. An important search for health care providers as the Congress of the United States established a Civil Monetary Penalty for institutions that knowingly hire excluded parties.

What is a Professional Licensing Search?
Professional Licensing:
If your business is related to a field where specialized licenses are required, Facts On Demand, Inc. can assist in verifying that an applicant not only possesses the license, but that the license is in good standing. Facts On Demand, Inc. professional license and certification verification is performed on a wide variety of state issued as well as professional organization issued professional licenses for nurses, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, insurance agents, and many other professionals.

What is a Registered Sex Offender Search?
Registered Sex Offender Search:
The Registered Sex Offender search simultaneously searches 49 State registered sex offender registries. The Registered Sex Offender search is vital for the healthcare industry, childcare screening, and any type of position dealing with children Typically, we are supplied 3 usable identifiers for an applicant:

• First and Last Name (sometimes a middle name or initial)
• Date of Birth (DOB)
• Social Security Number (SSN)

The researcher will utilize these identifiers when reviewing the sex offender registry. A typical match is made using first and last name and DOB and SSN.

What is a Social Security Number Search?
Social Security Number Trace:
Provides verification of a person's Social Security Number (SSN) as well as up-to-date information on their address history and any alias names used. The Social Security Number (SSN) Trace is an important resource for landlords to screen potential tenants. Employers screening potential employees can use the Social Security Number (SSN) trace to verify a person's SSN information, provide residency history to help identify which criminal records to search and to confirm dates and locations provided on an applicant's resume or application.

What is a Statewide Criminal Record Search?
Statewide Criminal Record Search:
A search of the state's criminal records repository, this search reveals convictions noting date of charge, type, pleas, and disposition, including any time served, fines, and probation information. Available information varies from state to state. It is always recommended that a county criminal history search be conducted in addition to the state criminal history. State repositories are reliant upon each county to submit their criminal records. Not all states make their criminal records available to the public for a statewide search. For those that do make their records available, it may be for felonies only and not to exceed seven years. This is contingent from state to state. In some cases a signed consent form is required and additional court fees may apply.

State Wide Criminal Records Resources

What is a County Criminal Record Search?
County Criminal Record:
The County Criminal Records is a search of felony and misdemeanor records at the county courthouse. The County Criminal Records search reports felony and misdemeanor conviction for 7 years. Our experienced and extensive court researcher network is constantly screened for accuracy and thoroughness. Since the County Criminal Records search is the most accurate and up-to-date criminal records search available, we strongly recommend this search to all of our clients.

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